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An exciting moment - 'Roll-out' of the team Aixtreme RacingEUR 33,333.33 - record donation at SABSAB Bröckskes donates flat screens to schoolsSAB employees donate EUR 20,000SAB employees donate their overtime!

Social engagement with temperature measurement from Viersen

The counterpart of the international Formula 1 from a student’s point of view is the “Formula Student”, a competition between students of engineering and business economics to rank first in the world ranking of the leading student motor sport program. In 2014, in total 110 teams from 28 nations with more than 3,600 students took part in the “Formula Student Germany”. The students build their own single-seat racing car with which they compete against teams from all over the world. The competition is not won by the team with the fastest car but by the team with the best total package consisting of construction, performance, and financial planning. Herewith, the teams put themselves in the position of a racing car manufacturer and develop a prototype which is going to be evaluated on the basis of serial production. The evaluated criteria refer to acceleration, break performance, and handling of the car. Additionally, the car should be reliable and the price should be reasonable. 


The challenges

The challenge each team is confronted with, is to create a complete package consisting of a well designed racing car and a profound sales plan that best fulfills all given criteria. The decision is taken by a jury composed of motor sport experts, automotive experts, and experts from the supplier industry. The jury judges each car and sales plan based on building method, cost planning, and sales presentation. The other part of the judgment takes place on the race track, where the students need to show in performance tests, how well their self-build racing car functions in its original environment.


Support with temperature measurement technique and cables from SAB

Based on the fact, that only the students themselves are responsible for the whole development and construction of the racing cars, they still need some support from outside relating the different components of a racing car. SAB Bröckskes, known by its highly specialized cables and wires as well as temperature measurement, takes the chance to help the young, prospective engineers with this project. We sponsor five teams the needed measuring systems for temperature monitoring and temperature sensors as well as cables and wires. Those teams are TU fast Racing of TU Munich, Evolution Racing Team Saar of HTW Saarland University, Aixtreme Racing of FH Aachen, HSNR Racing of Hochschule Niederrhein, and S3 Racing of Uni Siegen. Both teams, Aixtreme Racing and HSNR Racing, start in the combustion-class whereas the teams TUfast Racing Team, Evolution Racing Team Saar, and S3 Racing take part in the electric-class.


Our teams are tipped for success  

In the world rankings of “Formula Student”, the team Aixtreme Racing of FH Aachen takes the 219th place and team HSNR Racing of Hochschule Niederrhein 363rd of 508 places. In the electric-class, the team Evolution Racing Team Saar of HTW Saarland University takes the 49th place and team S3 Racing of Uni Siegen even 26th place of 77 places. The TU Munich and its team TUfast Racing even takes the delighted 13th place in the world ranking of the electric-class. We are proud that we can support those young people with our know-how and, of course, also our products and by that, contribute to their success. In exchange, we as a company are allowed to vividly take part in the development of the racing car and belong to the first ones who are allowed to admire the car during the so-called “roll-out” – always a special and exciting moment.

EUR 33,333.33 - record donation at SAB

In 2013, the employees at the medium-sized enterprise SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co KG once again donated their overtime as well as advancement premiums to a joint account.


In 2013, this resulted in a grand record sum of EUR 33,333.33. As has been the case in previous years, the amount is spread across a number of social institutions in the region. In doing so, the company from Süchteln-Viersen and its employees aim to show how much they appreciate the social commitment of the institutions and the people that work there.

SAB Bröckskes donates flat screens to schools

At Christmas time the schools of the Gemeinschaftshauptschule Süchteln, Johannes Kepler Real- schule Süchteln, and Berufskollegs Viersen-Dülken were delighted to receive a surprise Christmas present.


SAB Bröckskes had replaced their computer screens and so decided to donate 70 of the flat screens to support the technical equipment at regional schools.


This donation is another sign that SAB takes social responsibility in the region extremely seriously. Sabine Bröckskes-Wetten, Technical Manager at SAB, was the driving force behind this campaign and was pleased that this allowed the monitors to continue to be put to practical use. Managing Director Peter Bröckskes is delighted to be able to provide support to schools and children.

SAB employees donate EUR 20,000

The commitment of SAB sales and marketing employees remains strong. For the fifth time in succession, they donated their overtime to a joint account for a good cause. This effort amounted to the grand total of EUR 20,000.


SAB employees once again donated this amount to several social institutions from Süchteln and the surrounding region. Another project also received financial support at the suggestion of a SAB employee. This project aims to improve the potable water supply of families in need in Africa.


The employees wanted to set an example and show that they appreciate and support the social commitment of many people and institutions.


In addition, last year's sponsorship for our sponsored child Mustapha II from Sierra Leone was also continued. The "Kayunga-Brunnen in Uganda" project by e.V. was also supported. A new, independent shallow well will provide clean and safe drinking water for the Kayunga district in West-Uganda. This project was able to be implemented thanks to our donation.

SAB employees donate their overtime!

For the fourth time in succession, SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG sales and marketing department employees are looking to donate their overtime to various social institutions in the region. Several social institutions from Süchteln and the surrounding region can once again look forward to a generous donation of EUR 18,000.


Peter Bröckskes is extremely pleased with the numerous projects that were able to be implemented thanks to the commitment of SAB employees and is certain that this year's donation will also be used to support positive and useful projects.

#### Kyto ####