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Double success with audits 2014External Audit 2013SAB Bröckskes ZDF kanalındaSAB Bröckskes on Deutsche Welle TV110 Years of SABNew core plant at SABNew cold-flexible PVC up to -40 °CNeighbours become friendsExternal audit 2012New drawing plant at SABNew cross-linking process in the silicon department50 years of employment with SAB BröckskesPeter Bröckskes transfers shares to daughter SabineSAB presses ahead with energy managementNew Production Hall at SAB Bröckskes

SAB mükemmel hizmetinden dolayı KNORR-Bremse tarafından „tercih edilen tedarikci 2015“ ödülüne laik görüldü!

Münih´de ana merkezi bulunan Knorr-Bremse konserni rayda işleyen ve ticari araçlar için fren sistemleri üreten dünyaca lider bir kuruluştur.


Böylece Knorr-Bremse sadece SAB Bröckses´in üstün kaliteli ürünlerine güvenmek ile kalmıyor aynı zamanda SAB Bröckskes´in tedarikci olarak nekadar güvenilir ve birlikte çalışmanın ne kadar başarılı olduğunu ifade ediyor.



Double success with audits 2014


On September, 15th and 16th this year, the external audit of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System acc. to OHSAS 18001 took place. The auditors examined our system for three days and in the end, could only confirm that our certificate will be extended for additional three years.


On November, 4th and 5th 2014, the ISO audit for quality, environment, and energy was held in our headquarters in Viersen-Süchteln. Three auditors have been on site this year and assessed our systems thoroughly. Again we passed the audit very well and obtained an extension of our certificates for additional three years. 


This is only possible, because we all work as one and live our systems. 


Thank you for that and keep it up!

Sabine Bröckskes-Wetten

External audit 2013

On 5 and 6 November 2013 the external audit for the area of quality management (in accordance with ISO 9001), environmental management (in accordance with ISO 14001) and energy management (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001) was performed by SGS TÜV. We passed the audit with flying colours. The auditors praised the fantastic commitment of all SAB and KANSA employees to management topics.

SAB Bröckskes ZDF kanalında

Almanyanın resmi televison kanalı  ZDF„Morgenmagazin“ programı kapsamında SAB Bröckskes hakkında repörtaj hazılayıp yayınladı. Bir aile şirketin kendi alanında nasıl bir dünya şirketi olmaya geliştiğini genişce anlatıldı. Ayrıca orta ölçekli bir şirketin tüm üretimini Almanyada nasıl yaptığını sundu.

Repörtajı izlemek için tıklayın ZDF media library:

SAB Bröckskes on Deutsche Welle TV

The DW TV-Station published a report about High-Tech Electric Cables from Germany.

Here the link to the broadcast:

110 years of SAB

SAB Bröckskes is pleased to be able to celebrate its 110-year anniversary, a unique opportunity. But how is that possible?


On 30 July 2013 SAB had three good reasons to celebrate. Not just, unbelievably, the celebration of the now most senior SAB employee Hans-Gerd Buchholz's 45 years of service with the company, there were two other anniversaries with Klaus Beres (40 years) and Olaf Schimatschek (25 years).


Hans-Gerd Buchholz has now been employed at SAB since 1 August 1968. He started his training as a fitter but has been working in the company's cable division for almost 40 years. Peter Bröckskes would like to thank Hans-Gerd Buchholz for his many years of loyalty and is looking forward to celebrating the 50 year anniversary with the company's most senior employee in five years time, only the third in the company's history.


Klaus Beres has been with the SAB since 10 August 1978 and started his professional career when he was 14, initially as a trainee industrial electrician.


Olaf Schimatschek has been employed at Grefrather Straße since 1 August 1988. He also works as a fitter in industrial engineering. He manages the trainees in the technical division together with Hans-Joachim Harmes, is a committee member at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is always available for trainees with a helping hand and a friendly word.


The Managing Director is proud of the long-term loyalty of the company's employees. This experience and the high commitment of the workforce has allowed the company to become a world leader in the production of special cables, temperature elements and cable assembly.

New core plant at SAB

Capacity expansion in thermoplastic core production


A new production line is currently being established in the core hall in order to expand our production capacities in thermoplastic core production.


The plant was not purchased as a turn-key system. Plant components such as the decoiler, coiler, cooling channel, drain, and extruder were purchased separately. The plant control system represents the second part of the plant. The benefit for us is that the plant components and the plant control system are customised to our specific requirements. In addition, we were able to obtain a clear investment benefit compared to a complete plant.


The new core line ensures that we are at the cutting edge of technology. The KST 318 is the final logical step towards increasing our overall production capacity.

New cold-flexible PVC up to -40 °C

A property of PVC is that it becomes hard and brittle in the cold. PVC loses all of its flexibility even at -10°C and can only be bent using a large amount of force. If the temperature falls even further (-30°C and below) PVC becomes even more brittle and bursts like glass if any bending stress or pressure is applied. As a result, the lower application temperature range of flexible PVC is between "just" -5°C and +5°C.

Now we are able to provice PVC for -40°C. The material has already been positively sampled and approved.

Neighbours become friends

Business Club Maas Rhein visits SAB


Around 60 companies from the Maas/Rhine region, in a Business Club under the same name, met us and wanted to find out more about us. We naturally did not allow this opportunity to pass us by. Our aim was to show why we are so successful based on our authentic and transparent approach and manner. Fortunately, it was another great success!


The guests were impressed and were right to feel that we were 100% committed to the company. The smooth operation, the reception in the dispatch hall, and particularly the interesting tour through the production area. Many were surprised at how much we produce ourselves, all here in Süchteln!

External audit 2012

This year, we performed our second audit in succession in relation to certification in the areas of quality management (in accordance with ISO 9001), environmental management (in accordance with ISO 14001), and energy management. In contrast to last year, this time we performed the energy management audit in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. An adjustment was required, as the DIN EN 16001 certification used last year was retracted without replacement at the start of the year.


We were once again able to pass all three audits without a single deviation. The auditors also praised the fantastic commitment of all employees as well as the openness with which the management systems are received.

New drawing plant at SAB

On 30 October, our new drawing plant was transferred to the production department. Sabine Bröckskes-Wetten was responsible for the symbolic push of the button to start the machine. The employees were then trained to handle the machine during the commissioning phase. Fitters and electricians were also instructed in subsequent maintenance processes.


Another step towards further upgrading the production department and ensuring that it remains in a position to tackle the tasks set for SAB in the future.

New cross-linking process in the silicon department

In contrast to our "normal" thermoplastic extruders, where our materials are melted under heat and formed by cooling after extrusion, our silicon mixtures are chemically linked with the aid of a peroxide. Only the peroxide and the subsequent linking in the hot vulcanisation process give the silicon its characteristic properties such as flexibility and temperature resistance.


However, peroxide linking also means that the residual peroixidic cleavage products that remain in the material after linking cannot be completely avoided. Over time, these residual products appear at the surface of the line where they are deposited as white crystals.


In the past few months, we have looked at a new cross-linking process which we have successfully introduced in the past few weeks. The new silicon mixture, called SMND, is still produced using the hot vulcanisation process, but it is linked using an alternative reactor in a so-called addition reaction.


The benefit of our new SMNB mixture is that the basic mixture is particularly pure and it is crystal clear when extruded, but not initially completely free of cleavage products. The line no longer blooms, no crystals form on the surface and the line is and remains odour-neutral.


Our new SMNB also has better mechanical properties, especially with regard to tear resistance and elongation at break. In addition, SMNB is toxicologically harmless, it can be sterilised and meets international standards such as FDA Section 21 CFR 177.2600.

50 years of employment with SAB Bröckskes

SAB Bröckskes had the pleasure of celebrating an employee's 50 years of employment with the company for only the second time in our history. Jürgen Höfer, now an old hand at SAB, is currently the most loyal amongst an already very loyal group of company employees. To be able to report on his beginnings with SAB you have to go back half a century!


Jürgen Höfer started his training as an engineering draughtsman at SAB in 1962 and has remained committed to the company ever since. In this period Jürgen Höfer witnessed the development of the company. When he started with the company, SAB had 20 employees and, during this time, the production facilities were moved from Schmansend, an idyllic spot in the middle of the forest, to Grefrather Straße.


These days, Jürgen Höfer is an expert consultant in the field of thermotechnology, even beyond the company's doors. His experience and wide ranging knowledge make him an eminent authority from which the young generation of SAB thermotechnicians can still learn a great deal.


Peter Bröckskes is proud of the long-term loyalty of the company's employees. About 150 employees have been with SAB Bröckskes for over 20 years. Peter Bröckskes also hopes to retain our young and new employees for as long as possible.

Peter Bröckskes transfers shares to daughter Sabine

Peter Bröckskes, Managing Director of SAB Bröckskes, announced that the new owner of the SAB Group is his daughter Sabine. Peter Bröckskes will remain the Managing Director and Sabine Bröckskes will remain the Technical Manager.


When Peter Bröckskes was asked by his father whether he would like to work for him, his father was 60 years old and Peter was 28. Peter Bröckskes decided to work together with his father. They worked together for nine years and his father involved Peter Bröckskes in the management of the company. Despite this, it was a shock for him when Peter Bröckskes sen. passed away after just nine years and the entire responsibility suddenly shifted to Peter Bröckskes.


That situation was one of the most difficult and critical in the history of SAB Bröckskes. But, thanks to a strong team, they got through this period and SAB is now stronger than ever.


"We are firmly convinced that this step as well as the timing is absolutely right and necessary. The single aim is to ensure a smooth transition to the 3rd generation. And I currently still feel fit to actively manage this transition," says Peter Bröckskes.


Peter Bröckskes is proud of his daughter and glad that she is prepared to take over the great responsibility of leading SAB Bröckskes, the company founded by her granddad over 64 years ago, into an even more successful future.


Sabine Bröckskes would like to warmly thank her father and the workforce for their trust in her. She is not underestimating the situation and knows that we can only achieve this if we all work together. And she naturally also hopes to be able to count on the support of the employees in the future. She will do everything in her power so ensure that SAB continues to remain an independent, family-owned company.

SAB presses ahead with energy management

These days, quality is critical for a company's constant success. SAB had already identified this in the early nineties and it has been consistently implemented since them. In addition to the numerous quality controls that have been introduced, SAB was also one of the first companies in the industry to introduce a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which receives top marks by external auditors every year.


"But it is not just quality that is crucial for the success of a company", says Managing Director Peter Bröckskes. "Public awareness and that of our customers has rightly changed towards a focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly production". The company turned its attention to the subject of environmental protection early on and it was only logical to introduce the environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 in 2005. "The issue of occupational safety is also extremely important to myself and my Bröckskes family," says Peter Bröckskes. "While we have always placed great importance on employee safety from the very beginning, this was not enough for me." External auditors have now been evaluating our safety measures every year since 2008. The introduced occupational safety management system in accordance with ILO and OHSAS 18001 is practised and constantly developed by our employees.


In addition to the high quality, environmental and occupational safety standards, SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG has now also introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN 16001:2009 and is one of the first companies in the industry to press ahead with these measures.


"Our customers can feel safe in the knowledge that they not only receive a high quality product from us, but that it is a product that meets the highest environmental protection and occupational safety standards and has been produced under strict energy standards", assures Peter Bröckskes.

New Production Hall at SAB Bröckskes

SAB Bröckskes has enlarged its production capacities and thus, creates 40 new labour-intensive jobs at its site in Viersen-Süchteln.

On Friday 15th July 2011 at 12.00 o'clock, the new hall was inaugurated by the management and staff of SAB. Already 10 years ago, the company put its emphasis on the third production field 'cable harnessing' by the enlargement of its production range. At that time, the Bröckskes family took over a weakened company of cable technique in Elsdorf and carried it on under the name of “KANSA Kabeltechnik”. First attemps to leave the production in Elsdorf (Elsdorf is approx. 55 km away from Viersen) failed as the sought synergetic effect could not be achieved in this way.

The following dislocation of facilities to Süchteln-Vorst showed to be very successful within short so that the existing production facilities at SAB have not been adequate anymore. Now, SAB reached an important aim by building the new KANSA production hall with 2200 m² and thus, set the course for a further positive company development. On one hand, the existing jobs at SAB could be safeguarded and on the other hand, 40 new staff members could be employed who carry out labour-intensive and mostly sedentary work. This is not a matter of course in times when manual working places are mostly transferred to Eastern Europe, China, or India as the CEO, Peter Bröckskes, explained in his inauguration speech.

"Only the right combination of modern facilities and competent staff members enables us to compete with the manufacturers in low cost countries and to safeguard the production facilities in Süchteln." "Today, SAB Bröckskes and KANSA Kabeltechnik are working successfully on the automotive market and we will also be successful in the future if we are all pulling together", ensures Peter Bröckskes. According to the company's slogan "We go forward, … and stay here", Peter Bröckskes addressed his staff and promised that the Bröckskes family will make any effort to climb the next step on the ladder of success together with its staff in case all continue to do a good job.
"With this new hall we have both: a modern production hall with up to date machines and competent staff members that also gives us the possibility of future growth", says Peter Bröckskes. This is not only valid for our cable harnessing but also for all our products of special cables in all fields of automation. 


"Cable harnessing enables us to upgrade our products that gives us an important advantage in competition", added the technical manager Sabine Bröckskes. "We will now tackle all technical innovations", joyfully explained the department head, Benedikt Reimann, who established a powerful team around three experienced staff members taken over from the company in Elsdorf. Benedikt Reimann himself is a qualified cable worker who has been working at SAB for 14 years before he has now taken over this new challenge as head of department. 


Before Peter Bröckskes invited his audience to come to the buffet at the end of his speech, he asked priest Schütt to bless the hall. Priest Schütt is today the sports  priest of the German conference of bishops, has still very close relations to Süchteln, and already inaugurated several enlargements of the company located in Süchteln in the past.

SAB Bröckskes receives the occupational health and safety management system certificate for the second time

Since 2011, SAB Bröckskes has been certified with its cable harnessing section KANSA Kabeltechnik GmbH and a successful realisation of an occupational health and safety management system. Nonetheless, this certificate is granted only for a period of three years and expired on September 30th, 2014.

On 15th and 16th September this year, again an audit by the trade association Energy Textile Electric Media Products was approaching. For the second time, SAB succeeded in fulfilling all requirements on a systematic and effective heath and safety protection on the basis of a sector-specific realisation of the NLF / ILO-OSH 2001, the procedural principle for the audit of occupational heath and safety systems of the BG ETEM, status 2013-03 and the requirements in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007. For that reason, SAB received the second certificate which is now valid until 2017. The managing director, Peter Bröckskes, and the technical manager, Sabine Bröckskes-Wetten, are convinced of the importance of an occupational health and safety management system for companies and they are proud of being certified again this year.



Occupational heath and safety management system according to NLF/ILO-OSH 2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007


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